Webcon Holdings is a wholly-owned Malaysian private limited company that consists of various subsidiaries with diversified business interests, and always seeking new opportunities in Malaysia and beyond.

Our strategy is to achieve sustainable growth and provide long term value creation to our shareholders, while helping to meet the market's demand for quality products and services in Construction, Mining, Industrial, Investment, Property, Farming, Plantation, Trading and Ventures.

With years of business development and investment experience, we provide vision and leadership, set strategic directions and actively manage our subsidiaries. As a business entity, we believe in capability, reliability and dedication in what we do; and invest in companies which share our business ideology and values. This strategy forms the basis of our business philosophy.

We are recognized for our diversified business portfolio and strive to continue to improve and enhance stakeholder value. Our management team is committed to building on our reputation of excellence that shareholders and end users of our products have come to expect.